AIDESAides / Zizi Graffiti Banner

AIDES is the leading association fighting against aids in France, leading the way in all the battles that matter: discrimination, tolerance and open-mindedness.
Preventive actions on the field are now supported by Graffiti, a new TVC, which is a real success on YouTube, with more than 10 million spontaneous views. Also, AIDES - Graffiti is in 9th place with 249,104 global shares in the Top 20 Rundown !

We took zizi, a young potential stud, in an expandable banner, to deliver the message in an interactive and playful way. Never moralising. Always fun.

So, the story line, the actors and the location are the same... now discover a (more) hands on user experience.

Don’t be shy, grab zizi (he wont mind) and celebrate happy safe sex.


Test the banner here