The banner contest for psychopaths

The rail train expert, Voyages-SNCF launched a contest with 2 options to win hundreds of train tickets to Europe.

This easy way was to go to Voyages-SNCF website and answer silly questions.

And the other way was to grab the tickets directly from the banners. Which was almost impossible to do. Except for a couple of psychopaths…

The banners for psychopaths were :

- The ‘24 hours banner’, meaning users had to grab a moving ticket in the ad for 24 hours non-stop.

- The ‘1 000 000 clicks banner’ which takes more than 1 full day to achieve with an over trained forefinger.

- And the ‘708 miles scroll banner’ in which people had to scroll down as long the exact distance between London and Barcelona to have a chance to visit the city of Spain. If not they could try the ‘587 miles scroll banner’ to win the train tickets to Geneva.